Thursday, January 14, 2010

Off-Road Tandem Bike
Strategic Design Elements:
Compact-ish – to fit in box, but can expand upon assembly
Easy Assembly – some mechanical joining on competition day
Lightweight Materials – aluminum, cro-molly : ) etc.
Stability - wide wheel base, 3 to 4 wheels, good suspension, low center of gravity, thick tires with heavy tread
High Torque – large tires with heavy tread, recumbent seating with long pedal throw, standing & stepping on long lever throw
Wheelchair Option – to accommodate for friends with spinal cord injuries, and because using your hands & arms is fun!!!

Design Idea:
A hand-drawn sketch will be coming soon! For now, the idea is a FWD Recumbent Trike with RWD Stepper. Here’s the design break-down:
- 3 wheels
- wide wheel base created by 2 non-turning rear wheels
- low center of gravity, recumbent = low to ground
- thick tires with heavy tread
- good suspension (option for complete-frame-suspension … See Resources!!!)
High Torque
- high torque - bent knee to stretched leg pedaling, long pedal throw
- large tires with heavy tread
 Wheelchair Option
-  2 rear non-turning wheelchair wheels
Additional Info:
-    A larger front wheel for better turning and utilization of torque from recumbent power
(think “Big Wheels” like when you were a kid…)
-    Front Driver controls steering and all-wheel-braking system
-    Free-wheel pedaling 
Front Wheel Drive Trikes
Full-frame suspension FWD Trike *PLANS* - SEE “Tadpole Plans.pdf”

- Only pedals & standing bar added to recumbent design
Easy Assembly
- Only pedals & standing bar, NO SEAT OR ADDITIONAL FRAME! :  )
- Near wide wheel base at back
- Low Center of Gravity… person can duck down when necessary
- Large step-panels for feet
- Rigid standing bar to hang onto
High Torque
- bent knee to stretched leg stepping
- can use full body weight into each step
Additional Info
- Free-wheel pedaling
- Wheel base large enough for stability, but compact enough for efficient wheelchair use

The “Randy Ross 3G Stepper” (2:13-2:20) looks like bike pedals are round roller bars (moving backward?), and foot boards made of pressed-ply Canadian Maple with metal track/roller bar-guide underneath
Ross Concept- ion Interview
Stepper Construction Manual
Also an idea,
Elliptical idea
EliptiGo Glide Bike


  1. Wow! Check out the suspension/self-centering turning in action :)

  2. also check out:

  3. TTWs or "Tilting Three Wheelers" may be an issue if we decide to use a "Stepper" on the back half of the vehicle.

    Check out how simple the frame of FWD - Tiago is.
    We will probably need front wheel steering if we are to have a "Stepper" on the back.