Monday, April 5, 2010

Photo Diary - Work completed on March 17

John began turning *square holes* on the lathe for our rear axle U-joint assembly.
*Sounds intrest 'n - dun' it! ;)
Hey! Richard, you're not in our group... but wanna join? All are welcome! :)
Richard is full of life and brings smiles and good energy wherever he goes. Always a much appreciated pal of the Mud Chaps gang.
Oh, sneaky, sneak Mr. Trent! I have four-eyes today and could see you coming a mile away.
Katrina made an aluminum bracket that will be Tig welded to the aluminum frame of the main bike. This bracket supports the cross bars that attach two kids bikes to either side
(last week's seat attachment bracket needed to be scrapped and redesigned for this essential reason).
Okay Hayden... what is this?
Oh... it attaches to the front forks.
(I need to ask you more about this... update coming soon! )

Renee turned two friction-fit head stocks for the small bikes on the lathe.
(Renee, I am sorry, I didn't get a photo of you for today. )

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