Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Work Complete on March 31

Hayden chopped welded together a hybrid fork - top is a full suspension front fork with a bottom unicycle pillow block. The jig between the forks helps to keep alignment during welding.
Renee and Kat created two aluminum blocks to connect cross bars and hold banana seat post. Only one of the saddle holes has been milled.
John necked the sliding member to fit in the U-joint.

Outer cross braces are mechanically held in place by two bolt holes.
Drafting up plans for the middle bikes cross bar/seat post solution. We decided on two 2"x2"x4" aluminum cubes.
Smoothing out edges of cross brace for cross bars to slide through.
Renee is showing off John's work from last day - turned pillow block axles that friction fit our u-joints.

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