Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our completed bike and Publicity!!

~*THE Mud Chaps TEAM*~

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Race Day

Work done on May 17th and 18th

On May 17th Hayden and John worked diligently to replace our 1/4" u-joints with beefier 1/2" u-joints.

On May 18th Renee and Hayden completed our food processessor (PTO), Katrina made a bike stand for the PTO, and John continued to tinker, fix, and get help from the rest of the group on the rear axle.

Work done on May 12th

After test riding the welds on the hub broke.
The welded brakets on the rear triangles are accompanied by spacers and threaded ready rod to once again make space to hold our wheels.
Katrina's made this banana bike seat that will comfortably carry two riders.
Katrina turned two aluminum posts for rear handle bars. The posts are secured in the seat bore of the two small bikes.

Work completed on April 28th and May 5th

Work completed on 21st

Work completed on April 14th

Atleast we finally have a headset tube!!!
Because.... issues with irregularities in cuts of rear triangles monopolized most of our day.
We all needed the rear axle assembled to carry on with other procedures