Thursday, January 21, 2010

adventure tandem tricycle

The Adventurer Tandem, model ATP 2600, is a tandem tricycle designed for use by adults with mobility, balance, or neurological disabilities. This tandem cycle features a tubular steel frame, a wide rear stance for added stability, seven speeds, and two seats. The driver steers and controls the cycle from the rear, and the person with a disability sits in the front. The front seat and the front handlebar height are adjustable, and the front handlebar can be moved out of the way for dismounting. The front seat is available with a seat belt in low- and high-back models. The cycle also features a crank and sprocket that can be adjusted to accommodate different hip and foot positions. Other features include locking hand brakes and quick release bolts for disassembly and transport. This cycle accommodates riders with 22-inch inseams. DIMENSIONS: The cycle has a 40-inch rear stance

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